I Ethnographic Festival Pereiro de Aguiar 2018

All ready for us to celebrate the 1st edition of the Ethnographic Festival of the Pereiro de Aguiar, which we will carry out in the town of Loñoá. It will be a festive artisan meeting in which we intend to recover the culture, activities, trades and experiences of the town hall in the first half of the 20th century.

A party to remember some, learn others, but to enjoy all, through the recovery of existing offices in the town hall. For that in this first year we want to pay homage to the figure of the potters.

On August 19 we will have the live recreation of different traditional Galician crafts such as basketry, pottery that will accompany us from Niñodaguia, Buño and Gundivós, wood carving, minuteiros photographers, zoqueiros, cabaqueiros, and much more. We will also have around 30 artisans, who will show us their delicate work and who will give us the opportunity to buy some of their pieces. In addition, we have a varied program, adapted to the public. From music, popular games, workshops for children and adults, to ethnographic route of the traditional pottery of Loñoá and the opening of the House-museum of Ollero de Loñoá, with many pieces of pottery among many other devices and curious artiluxios, nowadays already forgotten and in disuse. And since you could not miss a party, there will be several points where you can have lunch and taste local products in a festive atmosphere and in good company.

Do not miss it! We await you all in this meeting of traditional crafts and traditions.

Fiesta etnográfica Pereiro de Aguiar