Olive Grove Tower

In the heart of O Ribeiro and surrounded by vineyards of this great appellation of origin is the remains of the Torre de Puga. It is located in the place of Olivar very close to the remains of a pazo linked to the same family of the tower, the Puga.

It is not difficult to think about the choice of this site for a tower or fortress of the XV or XVI centuries since from its 180 meters high part of the Miño valley could be seen, and the entrance to the Barbantiño valley, just two of the routes that connected Ourense with the coast and with the north of the province. In addition, its situation close to the neighboring country made it a watchtower of exceptional interest. We know that the castle belonged during the XV and XVI centuries to the gentleman D. Gonzalo de Puga, buried in the church of San Francisco de Ourense.

How to get there

torre do olivar